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Randi Jo Gause
Communications Director, Chugach Alaska Corporation

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​The Chugach Board of Directors and the leadership of our many subsidiaries would like to thank all of the Chugach employees who are working through the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the services we provide, and that each of you support, are essential to day-to-day life.

There are a whole host of individuals who keep our country safe and strong, especially all the people serving on the COVID-19 frontlines: all the doctors and nurses, the first responders, law enforcement, our military, state and federal employees, the restaurant owners and workers, the people delivering our food and mail, auto shops and mechanics, and the countless individuals who keep the utilities on and the stores open and stocked.

But Chugach employees are also doing their part to add to our country’s safety and strength. Our contracts with the military and the federal government support national defense and the stability of the United States. In the commercial sector, many of our companies are vital to maintaining our country’s infrastructure. We stand beside the military—we play a role in moving the nation’s oil and in keeping the lights on—all of which contributes to our national economy and wellbeing.

These responsibilities cannot be taken lightly or set aside, and to meet these commitments, the work of many of our employees cannot be performed from home. We are very grateful to each and every Chugach employee for showing up and performing these day-to-day duties and for positioning our society for a retur​n to more normal times. It will be the work that you do between now and then that will make that return possible. Thank you.