Chugach Education Services, Inc Partners with DoD in Outreach to Afghan Refugees

Earlier this month, Chugach Education Services, Inc. (CESI), participated in an outreach effort for Afghan refugees hosted by the Department of Defense at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. Our representatives, Bobby Irvin, CESI Program Manager, and Bill Otter, Center Director for our Paul Simon Job Corps Center in Chicago, found the experience to be rewarding and fruitful. Our outreach focused on sharing the Job Corps education and training opportunities to eligible refugees, in addition to promoting employment opportunities within our Job Corps Centers for residential advisors, security professionals, and teachers.

Bobbie Irvin, left, and a volunteer, right, discuss the opportunities Job Corps provides to an Afghan guest at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, Jan. 11, 2022.

Bobby Irvin, shared of his experience, “It was personally rewarding participating in this important event – each person I met was pleasant and shared great aspirations to be positive contributors – whether as a student or one of the highly educated individuals I connected with.” He continued, “there were teachers and engineers, pilots and dentists, just as examples of some of the professionals I met.”

Katherine Carlton, CESI President, shared, “It’s these experiences extending educational opportunities where they’re needed along with appreciating and learning from unique perspectives and skillsets that makes my job fulfilling. I’m looking forward to seeing the fruits of this outreach opportunity.”