Mission and Core Behaviors

Mission Statement

Committed to profitability, celebration of our heritage, and ownership of our Lands.

At Chugach, we believe that people are the drivers of our company, from our shareholders to our customers to our employees. We work to build long-term relationships based on trust. We do what we say we will do. Our purpose is bigger than profit-making: we strive to be an inspiration and role model to other indigenous peoples by preserving our culture and protecting the Lands of our shareholders.


In keeping with its Alaska Native heritage, Chugach will:

  • Always promote and protect cultural values of its shareholders while fulfilling its vision to remain financially sound.

As a company Chugach will:

  • Create an excellent business reputation by putting the customer first.
  • Make sound, timely decisions.
  • Promote open and truthful communication at all levels of the organization without political retribution or consequences.
  • Build shareholders’ confidence through effective leadership.
  • Speak with one honest voice to all stakeholders.
  • Promote responsible development while supporting a clean, healthy environment.
  • Devote time and resources to the professional development of shareholders.

As an employer Chugach will:

  • Devote time and resources to the professional growth of employees.
  • Value and respect truthful communication in all instances.
  • Create a desired place to work, which highly values employees and respects individual differences.
  • Insist that leaders at all levels “walk the talk”.
  • Respect the talents, opinions, and performance of people who work for the company.

As a corporate citizen Chugach will:

  • Make beneficial contributions to the community.
  • Be a positive force to promote social justice.