Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence: The Don Young Alaska Job Corps Center

CGS celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Don Young Alaska Job Corps Center, emphasizing its role in workforce development and empowering youth.

Left to right: Chugach SR VP Support Services, Chugach Chairman Sheri Buretta

Chugach Government Solutions proudly commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Don Young Alaska Job Corps Center (DYAJCC) in Palmer, Alaska on June 13th. This milestone represents a significant achievement in advancing the Alaskan workforce and having a positive impact on the lives of young adults. The event brought together community stakeholders, current and former students, and local leaders for reflections on our shared accomplishments; and insights on future collaborations aimed at fostering economic growth across Alaska.

Chugach operated the DYAJCC since its inception 30 years ago through essential services and collaborative initiatives. Our contributions in facilities management, vocational training support, and administrative services are instrumental in ensuring the center’s operational success. We remain committed to empowering Alaskan youth through education and skill development, driving positive change in our community.

The celebration began with a welcoming address from Kathy Grimes, President of Chugach Training and Educational Services, a subsidiary of Chugach Government Solutions. Grimes highlighted the profound impact the Job Corps program has had on the local economy and community. Kathy shares,

“The event was fantastic! It was heartwarming to see former students join the celebration. I had the chance to reconnect with Glenn Evans, an ex-student who used to visit my office almost daily. Through Job Corps, we played a significant role in transforming his life for the better.”

One of the event’s highlights was the heartfelt testimony of Glenn Evans, a former student who attended the Alaska Job Corps Center 30 years ago. Evans, a single parent of four at the time, credited the Job Corps with saving his life. He has since become a successful HVAC Mechanic and started his own business, Get Thriving. Evans’ story is a testament to the transformative power of the Job Corps program.

Left to right: President of CCH Peter Andersen, CGS Interim President Jonathan Dalrymple

Sheri Buretta, Chugach Alaska Corporation Chairman of the Board of Directors, reflecting on the history of Chugach, noted that the DYAJCC was one of Chugach’s first contracts under the 8(a) program. “It has been a meaningful and enduring 30-year journey of growth and learning, navigating various levels of collaboration with the federal government. We take pride in the support and opportunities we’ve offered these young adults, empowering Alaskans to flourish in their endeavors.”

During the event, Mack Ferrick, one of the founders of the DYAJCC, also spoke. Ferrick’s deep understanding of Chugach’s history, vision, and commitment to Alaska significantly shaped the program. His contributions have played a crucial role in Chugach’s success in supporting the DYAJCC and benefiting the broader community.

The DYAJCC stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity, and Chugach Government Solutions is privileged to have been involved since its inception. Together, we celebrate this pivotal milestone in transforming the lives of Alaskans, reinforcing our dedication to community empowerment and sustainable growth.