Biosafety and Biosecurity Laboratory Upgrades, Ethiopia


Name of Project

Biosafety and Biosecurity Laboratory Upgrades, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa and Sebeta, Ethiopia

Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Description of Work

The contract requires design, construction, and biosafety and biosecurity (BS&S) and campus upgrades at two geographically separated locations in Ethiopia. These are the National Animal Health Diagnosis and Investigation Center and Armaeur Hansen Research Institute in Ethiopia. Chugach’s scope is to enhance bio-surveillance and BS&S capabilities in accordance with the World Health Organization International Health Regulations, World Health Organization for Animal Health Guidelines regulations, and other international standards and best practices.

Unique Challenges

The contract requires continuous interface and communications with numerous stakeholders, including government, non-governmental organizations and contractors. Chugach facilitates project updates across many international time zones.  Chugach is well-versed on navigating the intricacies of performing work on foreign soils and under the laws of a foreign country. Our team works overcomes communication issues resulting from civil unrest in the country.


Chugach is an active stakeholder and provides the technical expertise to plan, develop, and implement Biosafety and Biosecurity laboratory and campus upgrades.  Chugach works closely with personnel to plan, inform and complete the work. During times of civil unrest, travel and communications may be restricted.  Chugach maintains communications among the team external to Ethiopia to keep them well-informed of potential issues.  Chugach coordinates with the U.S. Embassy on travel restrictions to ensure the safety of all company employees and subcontractors.


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