Fort Meade Base Operations Services


Name of Project

Fort Meade Base Operations Services

Location of Project
Fort Meade, Maryland

Federal Government

Description of Work

Chugach provides logistics, facilities management and construction contract services for secured federal government facilities on and within a 120-mile radius of Fort Meade, Maryland. Employing a staff of 750, these services provide a stable environment for the day-to-day operations of our customer in support of their mission. Personnel are deployed in key function areas supporting our customer’s staff with storage, deliveries and transportation.

Unique Challenges

  • Employee retention in a competitive market for those with clearances
  • Operation within a Classified environment
  • Executing services within need-to-know circumstances
  • Ensure contract compliance and managing a workforce spread across multiple locations
  • Executing rapid response projects for government with minimal advance notice

Chugach implemented a predictive maintenance program which prioritizes the identification of potential issues before they occur. In managing our customer’s materials and equipment, Chugach maintains components in inventory which typically require long lead times. This prepares our teams to mobilize quickly in response to issues requiring rapid response. Our goal is to operate at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency to enable our customer to do the same.


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