Inland Empire Job Corps Center


Name of Project

Inland Empire Job Corps Center

San Bernardino, California

U.S. Department of Labor

Description of Work

CGS is an adept education provider, capable of proactive recruitment and outreach efforts. At Inland Empire Job Corps Center, CGS maintains a safe and secure center that fosters community and workforce relationships. CGS responds to local business and workforce needs by educating students in core service areas and adapts programming to develop curriculum to serve business needs. Students learn skills to enter a career track, enroll in college, or join the military. 

Unique Challenges

CGS mentors and supports a diverse student population on a 17-acre campus in the nation’s largest county.  We remove potential barriers of a student’s success through a robust program that teaches life skills in addition to their education. The Center’s location is not close to many social resources.  CGS sought partnerships with work-based learning sites that instill life lessons of communication, safety, and collaboration.  With many students’ home being far away, many students remain on campus during the weekends.  Center staff developed outdoor recreation programs that provide an alternative to not being able to travel home. 


CGS staff are approachable and resourceful.  Staff train with a community health collaborative and actively engage students in physical and mental health programs.  Engagements with students build a foundation of life skills, including collaboration and communication.  These include community service projects, hiking, and museum tours.  Staff work with students on cultural diversity festivals, writing competitions, and intramural sports.  In identifying other outlets for students’ expression, students learn to time management, emotional well-being and benefits of regular exercise.  CGS leverages community resources to support career readiness. The Center’s partnerships include trade-related renovations at the local community center, shelters, parks and churches.  This investment in the local community leads to job placements and goodwill among neighbors and local government.  U.S. Representatives and Senators visit the Center and actively participate in projects and programs. 


Rep. Aguilar with Tile Setting students
SGA students on field trip to a park
CNA and MAA students at a health professionals conference Inland_Empire_Grounds75