Seismic Station Mission Support Contract


Name of Project

Seismic Station Mission Support Contract

Cambridge Bay, Canada


U.S Airforce Technical Applications Center

Description of Work

In a multi-year effort, Chugach replaced ground-laid power and data cable line across 400 square miles of tundra and used 1,600 marker drums. Over time and due to exposure, the incumbent line and marker drums corroded.

Unique Challenges

The line marker drums are critical for the maintenance of the array system.  These field markers provide protection of the ground-laid cable systems via designation of their presence and pathway and provide navigation during the winter months.  Their location in the remote Canadian arctic required Chugach to source the drums in Canada.  Then Chugach executed extensive logistics to sealift all equipment and materials to the station in Cambridge Bay and then dispersion throughout the array system.


For four years, Chugach worked closely with AFTAC to secure the necessary incremental funding and authorizations required to procure over 1,600 new drums within Canada.  By ensuring that the project remained on schedule and was properly executed each year Chugach renewed a critical seismic system support component thereby allowing for decades of future mission requirements to be met by the station and array system.


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