Chugach Education Services

Chugach Education Services, Inc.

Empowering the next generation
A leader in operating education and tech-training centers

Chugach Education Services Inc. (CESI) solidified our place as a leader in operating educational centers of all sizes by making a commitment to students and their safety.

With decades of experience through our parent company, CESI is a pioneer in empowering and educating disadvantaged youth at Job Corps Centers across the United States. From developing strong community, business, and workforce relationships to providing food services, medical, dental, and mental-health services for Job Corps Centers, CESI is a tried and proven education provider.

Focusing on education and community outreach, CESI utilizes successful techniques while prioritizing safety to serve federal clients. CESI aims to ensure disadvantaged youth across America are prepared to step into a rewarding career that allows them to provide for themselves and their families.

CESI provides residential management and supervision, vibrant recreation programs, and exceptional cafeteria meals to all Job Corps Centers across the United States. Chugach-operated dormitories are clean, safe, well-maintained, and provide a home-like atmosphere. Our dormitory staff teaches students the importance of maintaining their dorm areas, and staff and student leaders inspect residential facilities daily, weekly, and monthly.

CESI maintains, inspects, repairs, constructs, and operates the real property infrastructure to ensure cost-effective, safe, and reliable facility support. We also provide inventory and property-management control and accountability for government-furnished property for contracts with Job Corps and other government customers.


  • Education
  • Technical training
  • Residential management


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