Construction Services

Construction Services

Offering best-in-class construction services across the globe.

We hold a reputable record of high-quality, cost-effective, and safe project performance on jobs both large and small. We tailor each project to the customer’s unique needs. With safety as our number one priority, we do things the right way.

A Record of Dependability

Chugach has a strong record of high-quality, cost-efficient performance on projects large and small, each tailored to meet the customer’s unique mission requirements. Our construction team has extensive experience working at sites in densely populated cities around the nation and in very remote locations far outside U.S. borders, always providing dependable general, management and design-build services.

We have received numerous awards for our work, including the Associated Builders and Contractors Award for “Excellence in Construction.” Our military design-build construction experience is diverse, ranging from housing to security-oriented projects.

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Cleared Personnel

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Single sizes up to $115 million within an aggregate of $400 million.

“The project construction was performed on-time meeting the contract completion date. The exceptional rating is given because the contractor was able to perform six modifications without any additional time added to the contract in the occupied building while still finishing ahead of schedule. Contactor’s proactive approach and ability effectively manage the work saved the government time and money. The contractor maintained good relations with the building personnel and was went above and beyond to accommodate their schedule.”

– Contracting Officer, US ARMY Engineer District Mobile

“Contractor strives to stay on schedule and regularly updates Government bi-weekly with the 3-week schedule. Contractor also provides locations of subcontractors and the work they are conducting daily. Any revisions to schedule is properly updated and communicated with Project Delivery Team. Contractor is ahead of schedule.”

– Project Manager, Army Corps of Engineers

“Contractor submitted and implemented a QCP which been very good and well followed. Contractor provides sufficient QC documentation as required in RMS. Contractor diligently works to provide a quality product and has shown their workmanship quality in the 3-phase inspection process for each new feature of work. All work was completed in accordance with the plans and specifications to the satisfaction of the COR and using agency. Contract self identified a possible conflict with location of exterior HVAC split units and work with the Government to locate a more ideal location and provided additional material for the new location.”

– Project Manager, Army Corps of Engineers

Services and specialties

General Construction

From poured concrete on a major road-and-bridge project to fine woodwork on a residential unit, we provide and perform every aspect of the job start to finish.


Through continuous investment in our employees, we have established a culture which prioritizes working safely. Some investments include Metaltech scaffolding, HeroWear exosuits, Walabot In-wall imager.


Construction Management

Our experienced managers oversee every detail of every job, ensuring you get the high-quality work you expect and we demand.


We offer the efficiency and quality control of one team devoted to a specific project that performs all design and construction aspects of the contract. It’s single-source responsibility that results in faster delivery, lower costs, reduced risk, and better quality.

Secure Environments

Our managers and the personnel they oversee are experienced with all the requirements of working in and near secure facilities and operations.

Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection

We are very experienced in performing construction’s role in keeping America and its personnel safe through designing and building conflict-zone facilities and incorporating security design into stateside or civilian-oriented facilities.

SCIF Construction

Chugach subsidiaries have many years of experience with the complex requirements of constructing sensitive-compartmentalized-information facilities. We can help you determine the scope and requirements of your project, then build an appropriate, high-quality, finished product..

Challenging Climates and Locations

Chugach has decades of experience successfully completing complex and/or sensitive projects in remote locations under very challenging logistical and environmental conditions, such as military installations on South Pacific islands.

Established Project-Management Teams

We’ve been successfully performing large and small projects for federal customers since 1972, and we offer you an extremely accomplished senior staff and highly qualified personnel.

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