Seismic Station Mission Support Contract

CITI Seismic Ground Cable

LocationCambridge Bay, Canada Client U.S Airforce Technical Applications Center Description of Work In a multi-year effort, Chugach replaced ground-laid power and data cable line across 400 square miles of tundra and used 1,600 marker drums. Over time and due to exposure, the incumbent line and marker drums corroded. Unique Challenges The line marker drums are […]

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James and Hamliton

Location Oahu, Hawaii ClientNaval Information Warfare Center Description of Work The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is acquiring Maritime Security Cutters built in Mississippi. These cutters are delivered to the USCG with limited communication equipment.  Chugach transforms these vessels to National Security Cutters by expanding their communication capabilities. Unique Challenges This transformation is nearly a […]

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